pick·led : To take an item and alter it from the inside out.

The name Pickled comes from the combining of items to bring out the fullest and unique qualities of something… in our case fashion.  

Whether it is changing the look of a top by adding a piece of jewelry, or changing confidence of an individual by putting on a great outfit, our hope is that each customer leaves happily pickled.  Helping our customers and connecting with them is our favorite way for them to leave Pickled, bringing out their own style and inner beauty through fashion.

We are a boutique located in downtown Redwood City, California.

Offering contemporary clothing & accessories.

Come in and visit us for all your styling needs.

 Hours:   Tuesday - Thursday 11-6 Friday and Saturday 11:00 - 5:00  Sunday 12-4 pm

Location:  2652 Broadway, Redwood City, CA  94063                                                                  Phone:  650-299-0990

Email:  info@pickledclothing.com

Business contact:  650-299-0880